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We Offer A Tailored Debt Recovery Approach

At Wind Up A Company, our approach to debt recovery is far from ordinary.

  • Each case undergoes a thorough review and assessment based on its individual merits before we proceed.
  • If we are unable to take on a specific debt, we provide you with a clear explanation and valuable insights on potential strategies for ensuring the recoverability of any future debts.


Need help with winding up a business?

When you assign us to wind up a limited company, our team takes prompt enforcement action within 24 hours.

Furthermore, we provide expert guidance on all matters relating to this process. Ensuring that you receive the support you need.

Whether it's a winding-up order or assistance with what to do if a company owes you money, our team can manage the process from start to finish. Providing you with the support you need every step of the way.


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Winding-up Order

You may obtain a winding-up order from the court against an insolvent company that has demonstrated its failure to pay an undisputed debt of £750 or more following advanced written notice.

Winding-up Process

Winding-up proceedings can be very stressful for the directors of the debtor company. In many cases, this is the last opportunity for them to save their business.

It's likely they will be open to paying the debt to avoid the company falling into compulsory liquidation.

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If a company owes you more than £750 for a debt or invoice that isn't disputed, it's crucial to act quickly to recover your money. The reason for this urgency is that the company's directors could potentially be:

  1. Paying other creditors.
  2. Additionally, using your credit terms as an unsecured, interest-free loan.
  3. Transferring assets into a new business. Therefore, leaving you and other creditors behind to perish with the old company.

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